3D Printers for Woodworkers: A Short Introduction
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No. of pages:140 pages
Size:230x155 mm
Weight:276 g
Illustrations: 88 colour photos & 25 colour illus

3D Printers for Woodworkers

A Short Introduction
Publisher: Linden Publishing (US)
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This is the first book on 3D printing exclusively for woodworking hobbyists, with practical advice on how to fabricate ones own tools and parts for considerable cost savings. The blossoming technology of 3D printing isnt just for techies -- a 3D printer is also the ideal tool for the traditional woodworker. Why waste money buying tools and parts when you can fabricate them yourself with your own 3D printer? You can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by making your own tools -- what is more, you can 3D print your own custom tools and parts that meet your unique needs. This is the perfect introduction to 3D printing for the woodworking hobbyist, covering the history and development of 3D printing and offering detailed comparisons of 3D printer models so you can confidently choose the right 3D printer for your needs. 3D Printers for Woodworkers also includes numerous schematics for tools useful to woodworkers, plus information on 3D printing moulds and hardware such as drawer pulls, hinges, slides, and shims. Comprehensive and user-friendly, 3D Printers for Woodworkers is the ideal book for all woodworkers who want to save time and money while producing exceptional results.