Yukon ? The Last Frontier: The Last Frontier

Yukon ? The Last Frontier

The Last Frontier
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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No. of pages:434 pages
Size:229x152x15 mm
Weight:580 g
Illustrations: 100 b&w photographs and maps
Long description:
Covering vast distances in time and space, Yukon: The Last Frontier begins with the early Russian fur trade on the Aleutian Islands and closes with what Melody Webb calls 'the technological frontier'. Colourful and impeccably researched, her history of the Yukon Basin of Canada and Alaska shows how much and how little has changed there in the last two centuries. Successive waves of traders, trappers, miners, explorers, soldiers, missionaries, settlers, steamboat pilots, road builders, and aviators have come to the Yukon, bringing economic and social changes, but the immense land 'remains virtually untouched by permanent intrusions.'