Women and Leadership in the European Union

Women and Leadership in the European Union

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Table of Contents:
Introduction: The State of Women's Leadership in the European Union
Part I: Conceptual Approaches to Women and Leadership in the EU
Women and Leadership in the European Union: A Framework for Analysis
Searching for Agency: Gendering Leadership in European Integration Theory
Part II: Accessing Positional Leadership in EU Institutions
Women's Positional Leadership in the European Commission: When, Where, and How?
Women's Leadership in the European Parliament: A Long-Term Perspective
Part III: Exercising Political Leadership
Women and Leadership across the EU Institutions: The Case of Viviane Reding
Women on Mars: The Two Post-Lisbon High Representatives and EU Foreign Policy on Libya
Rhetoric and Leadership: A Comparison of Female Vice-Presidents of the European Commission (1999-2019)
Gendered Leadership in the European Parliament's Political Groups
Part IV: National Leaders in European Arenas
Becoming Prime Minister: Women and Executive Power in EU Member States
Winning by Spending Leadership Capital? Angela Merkel's Approach to the Refugee and COVID-19 Crises
Theresa May's Leadership in Brexit Negotiations: Self-Representation and Media Evaluations
Part V: Exercising Administrative Leadership
A Tightrope Walk? Catherine Day and the Interplay of Political and Administrative Leadership in the European Commission
Women EU Multilevel Administration: The Europeanization of Member State Bureaucracies
Part VI: Exercising Expert Leadership
The Court of Justice of the European Union, Gender, and Leadership
Women's Leadership in the European Central Bank
Part VII: Looking Ahead: The Future of Women's Leadership in the EU
Strategic Leadership: Ursula von der Leyen as President of the European Commission
Appendix: Women and Leadership in the European Union