Volker Heinze: + - 0

Volker Heinze: + - 0

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No. of pages:72 pages
Size:320x240 mm
Long description:
+ - 0 (plus minus null) is a facsimile of a unique, handmade artists book crafted by Volker Heinze in 1986. Its photos are the result of the young Heinzes decision to radically capture the world around him be it cityscapes, rooms casts in warm artificial light, friends or simply objects sitting on a table. Working against the removed perspective of documentary photography, Heinze employs colour not as a tool of realism but with experimental flair, and plays with focus and the inevitable mistakes of analogue film all to create an original aesthetic born from the idiosyncrasies of the photographic medium.

Heinze originally presented this body of work in two forms: as the large installation The Appearance of the Familiar, composed of individual photos pinned to the wall in the influential 1986 exhibition Remnants of the Authentic at Museum Folkwang in Essen. And as + - 0 with its experimental layout, leaves of tracing paper with hand-painted quotes such as To search for reality is like diving for pearls in an aquarium, and a booklet with excerpts from Martin Kippenbergers 241 Bildtitel zum Ausleihennow to be published for the fi rst time since its inception more than 30 years ago.