Useless Knowledge for the World Traveler

555 Curious Facts, Trivia, and Misconceptions That You Should Know
Publisher: Schiffer
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No. of pages:192 pages
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A fun, funny, and fascinating compendium of trivia, traditions, and advice from around the world--covers all seven continents, from the North Pole to the South Pole, and even the moon! Did you know that a goat discovered the true effects of coffee? Have you ever used a toilet made of pure gold? Let this book be an entertaining and humorous companion for all your travels, taking you on a journey of traditions, customs, and misconceptions from around the world. Filled with absurd records, bizarre events, and little-known facts, it provides all the amusing (yet useless!) knowledge you'll need to impress your friends and chitchat with strangers at home and abroad. You'll also find useful information about manners and etiquette to always be sure what not to do while visiting new places. Always remember: you can mess up everywhere! With the trivia and stories in this book, nothing in this world will surprise you again.