Trauma, Tresses, and Truth: Untangling Our Hair Through Personal Narratives

Trauma, Tresses, and Truth

Untangling Our Hair Through Personal Narratives
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No. of pages:256 pages
Size:228x6x152 mm
Long description:
Black women continue to have a complex and convoluted relationship with their hair. From grammar and high schools to corporate boardrooms and military squadrons, Black and Afro-Latina natural hair continues to confound, transfix, and enrage members of White American society. Why, in 2022, is this still the case? Why have we not moved beyond that perennial racist emblem? And why are women so disproportionately affected? Why does our hair become most palatable when it capitulates, and has been subjugated, to resemble Caucasian features as closely as possible? Who or what is responsible for the web of supervision and surveillance of our hair? Who in our society gets to author the prevailing constitution of professional appearance? Particularly relevant during this time of emboldened White supremacy, racism, and provocative othering, this work explores how writing about one of the still-remaining systemic biases in schools, academia, and corporate America might lead to greater understanding and respect.
Table of Contents:
Foreword by Dr. Afiya Mbilishaka Preface Acknowledgments Introduction Part I: A Critical Lens The Ancient Iris Crawford Toward Decolonizing Our Roots Lyzette Wanzer, MFA The Swiftness Black Women Know Dr. Regis Fox Black Women Maneuvering Nappy Judy Juanita . Black Hair Matters: Teaching and Living Race amid Civil Strife Dr. Shatima Jenique Jones Natural's Not in It: Black Women's Hair in Majority White Professional Settings Margalynne Armstrong, JD . Part II: The Pilgrimage Peinate el Pelo Carmen Bardeguez
-Brown Hair Politics: An Afro Puerto Rican Womyn's Untangled Narrative Dr. Bárbara Idalissee Abadía
-Rexach . Naturally: A Hair Journey to Africa and Beyond Kim Coleman Foote Another Layer of Our Freedom Lyndsey Ellis, MFA 'Fro Fatigue and Other 4C Woes Dr. Adrienne Danyelle Oliver . Part III: Intimate Encounters solstice in solidified sugar Dr. Raina León Pelo Liso Y Pelo Malo: My Mother and Me MK Chavez Self
-Care and Sanctuary in Black Women's Salons Dr. Sherry Johnson My Locs, Her Locs: Our Personal Journey Sulma Arzu
-Brown My Curls, My Crown Dr. Priscilla Ferreira . Part IV: The Unshackled Chronicles Yo soy parte Dominicana, Yo soy Black, Yo soy misma! Tyrice Brown, MA Power Struggle Jasmine Hawkins, MA . In the Kitchen Jewelle Gomez, MS . Beauty Is Pain: A Hairstory Kelechi Ubozoh . Hair Chronicles of an Afro Puerto Rican Dahlma Llanos
-Figueroa . Turning the Lens Rightside Up Lyzette Wanzer, MFA Reader Discussion Guide Resource Guide Contributors