Transnational France

The Modern History of a Universal Nation
Edition number: 2, New edition
Publisher: Routledge
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No. of pages:458 pages
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Illustrations: 26 Illustrations, black & white; 18 Halftones, black & white; 8 Line drawings, black & white
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Now in its second edition, Transnational France takes a transnational approach to the history of modern France that draws the reader into a key aspect of France?s political culture: universalism. Giving a global view of France?s history, this is the perfect volume for students of Modern France and French history courses.

Long description:
Introduction  1. French Revolution, World Revolution  2. Restoration, Revolution, and Empire: France, 1815?1852  3. Imperial Democracy? France under the Second Empire, 1852?1870  4. Paris: The Making of a World Capital  5. The Universal Republic  6. The Republican Empire  7. The Universal Nation in a World at War  8. From One War to Another: The Universal Nation in Crisis  9. France in the Second World War: Defeat and Rebirth of the Universal Nation  10. The Fourth Republic: New Challenges for the Transnational Nation  11. The Fifth Republic: A New Era for France  12. Postcolonial France: A New Universal Nation?  13. Into the Present: France in the Twenty-First Century  Conclusion
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