The Union Army 1861?65 (1): The Regular Army and the Territories

The Union Army 1861?65 (1)

The Regular Army and the Territories
Series: Men-at-Arms; 553;
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
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Number of Volumes: Paperback
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No. of pages:48 pages
Size:248x184 mm
Illustrations: 8 colour artwork plates; black & white photographs and illustrations.
Long description:
This fully illustrated study investigates the uniforms and equipment of the US regular troops and volunteers from the territories fighting for the Union during the American Civil War.

During the American Civil War, the United States Army, pitted against the forces of the fledgling Confederacy, fought to defend and preserve the Union during five long years of bitter conflict. This volume describes and illustrates the uniforms, insignia and personal equipment of the Union Army's regular infantry, artillery, cavalry, and engineers, plus specialists such as US Sharpshooters, Veteran Reserve Corps, Medical Corps, and Signal Corps.

This volume also covers the troops fielded by the Territories that fought for the Union. Eight plates of original artwork showing officers and enlisted men of the Union Army are complemented by previously unpublished photographs of soldiers and items of uniform from some of the most comprehensive collections in the United States.
Table of Contents:
General Officers
The General Staff and Staff Corps
Dragoons, Mounted Riflemen, and Cavalry
United States Colored Troops
United States Sharpshooters
The Invalid/Veteran Reserve Corps
The Territories
The United States Indian Home Guard
The Medical Department and Related Services
The Corps of Engineers
Ordnance Sergeants and Enlisted Men
The Military Telegraph Service
The Signal Corps
Select Bibliography
Plate Commentaries