The People's Dictatorship: A History of Nazi Germany

The People's Dictatorship

A History of Nazi Germany
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:240 pages
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An up-to-date, succinct and highly readable survey of a compelling subject, making accessible classic and recent research on Nazi Germany.

Long description:
In this up-to-date, succinct, and highly readable volume, Alan E. Steinweis presents a new synthesis of the origins, development, and downfall of Nazi Germany. After tracing the intellectual and cultural origins of Nazi ideology, the book recounts the rise and eventual victory of the Nazi movement against the background of the struggling Weimar Republic. The book details the rapid transformation of Germany into a dictatorship, focusing on the interplay of Nazi violence and the readiness of Germans to accommodate themselves to the new regime. &&&160;Steinweis chronicles Nazi efforts to transform German society into a so-called People's Community, imbued with hyper-nationalism, an authoritarian spirit, Nazi racial doctrine, and antisemitism. The result was less a People's Community than what Steinweis calls a People's Dictatorship - a repressive regime that acted brutally toward the targets of its persecution, its internal opponents, and its foreign enemies even as it enjoyed support across much of German society.

'An outstanding study, wide-ranging yet concise with vivid examples and pointers to fresh scholarship. Steinweis expertly guides the reader through complex issues, highlighting the interconnectedness of Nazi expansionism and racial policy, and offering cogent reflections on the relationship between the Nazi regime and the German people.' Elizabeth Harvey, University of Nottingham
Table of Contents:
1. The Idea of Nazism; 2. The Triumph of Nazism; 3. The Nazi Dictatorship; 4. The Nazi Economy, 1933-1939; 5. Nazi Society, 1933-1939; 6. Policing the Boundaries of the 'People's Community'; 7. A New Order in Europe; 8. The Nazi Empire; 9. The War of Annihilation; 10. The Destruction of Nazi Germany.