The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness

The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Consciousness

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Table of Contents:
Introduction: What is the Philosophy of Consciousness?
The Problem of Consciousness
Visual Experience
Non-Visual Perception
Bodily Feelings
Emotional Experience: Affective Consciousness and its Role in Emotion theory
Imaginative Experience
Conscious Thought
The Experience of Agency
Temporal Consciousness
The Phenomenal Unity of Consciousness
The Neural Correlates of Consciousness
Beyond the Neural Correlates of Consciousness
Dualism: How Epistemic Issues Drive Debates About the Ontology of Consciousness
Russellian Monism
Idealism: Putting Qualia to Work
Eliminativism About Consciousness
A Priori Physicalism
A Posteriori Physicalism: Type-B Materialism and the Explanatory Gap
Representionalism About Consciousness
Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness
Self-Representationalist Theories of Consciousness
The Epistemic Approach to the Problem of Consciousness
Consciousness and Attention
Consciousness and Memory
Consciousness and Action: Contemporary Empirical Arguments for Epiphenomenalism
Consciousness and Intentionality
Consciousness and Knowledge
Consciousness, Introspection, and Subjective Measures
Consciousness and Selfhood: Getting Clearer on For-Me-Ness and Mineness
Consciousness and Morality
Embodied Consciousness