The Oxford Handbook of Negation

The Oxford Handbook of Negation

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Table of Contents:
Introduction: Negation in language and beyond
Part I: Fundamentals
Negation and opposition: Contradiction and contrariety in logic and language
Negative predicates: Incorporated negation
Types of negation
Affixal negation
The typology of negation
Part II: Questions in the syntax of negation
The morpho-syntactic nature of the negative marker
The possible positioning of negation
Negation and constituent ordering: Case studies
The expression of negation in sign languages
Part III: Negation at the syntax-semantics interface
Intervention effects with negation
Form and function of negative, tag, and rhetorical questions
Expletive negation
Calculating the scope of negation: Interaction of negation with quantifiers
Part IV: Semantics and pragmatics of negation
Modals and negation
Negation in event semantics
Negation and alternatives: Interaction with focus constituents
Metalinguistic negation
Negation and presupposition
Part V: Negative dependencies
Negative Polarity Items
Minimizers and maximizers as different types of polarity items
Negative quantifiers
Negative fragment answers
Negative concord and the nature of negative concord items
Double negation readings
Part VI: Synchronic and diachronic variation in negation
Quantitative studies of the use of negative (dependent) expressions
Negation in non-standard varieties
The negative cycle and beyond
Evolution of negative dependencies
The role of pragmatics in negation change
Part VII: Emergence and acquisition of negation
Evolutionary precursors of negation in non-human reasoning
Cognitive precursors of negation in pre-verbal infants
Negation and first language acquisition
Negation in L2 acquisition and beyond
Part VIII: Experimental investigations of negation
Understanding negation: Issues in the processing of negation
Negative polarity illusions
Negation, prosody, and gesture
Negation and the brain: Experiments in health and in focal brain disease, and their theoretical implications
Individual differences in processing of negative operators: Implications for bilinguals
The neurology of negation: fMRI, ERP, and aphasia
The neurobiology of lexical and sentential negation