The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain

The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Brain

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Table of Contents:
Section I. Introduction
The Neuroscientific Study of Music: A New Discipline
Section II. Music, the Brain, and Cultural Contexts
Music through the Lens of Cultural Neuroscience
Cultural Distance: A computational approach to exploring cultural influences on music cognition
When extravagance impresses: Recasting esthetics in evolutionary terms
Section III. Music processing in The Human Brain
Cerebral Organization of Music Processing
Network Neuroscience: An Introduction to Graph Theory Network-Based Techniques for Music and Brain Imaging Research
Acoustic structure and musical function: Musical notes informing auditory research
Neural Basis of Rhythm Perception
Neural Basis of Music Perception: Pitch, Harmony, and Timbre
Multisensory Processing in Music
Section IV. Neural Responses to Music: Cognition, Affect, Language
Music and Memory
Music and attention, executive function, and creativity
Neural Correlates of Music and Emotion
Neurochemical Responses to Music
The neuroaesthetics of music: A research agenda coming of age
Music and Language
Section V. Musicianship and Brain Function
Musical Expertise and Brain Structure: The causes and consequences of training
Genomics approaches for studying musical aptitude and related traits
Brain Research in Music Performance
Brain Research in Music Improvisation
Neural mechanisms of musical imagery
Neuroplasticity in Music Learning
Section VI. Development al Issues in Music and the Brain
The Role of Musical Development in Early Language Acquisition
Rhythm, Meter, and Timing: The heartbeat of musical development
Music and the Aging Brain
Music Training and Cognitive Abilities: Associations, Causes, and Consequences
The Neuroscience of Children on the Autism Spectrum with Exceptional Musical Abilities
Section VII. Music, the Brain, and Health
Music and Sensorimotor Functions
Music-Induced Speech and Language Rehabilitation
Neurologic Music Therapy to target Cognitive and Affective Functions
Musical Disorders
When blue turns to grey: the enigma of musician's dystonia
Section VII. The Future
New Horizons for Brain Research in Music