The Oxford Handbook of Hegel

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Table of Contents:
Note on Citations and Abbreviations
Chronology of Hegel's Life
Introduction - Dean Moyar
Part One: Hegel's Development in Jena
1. Hegel's First System Program and the Task of Philosophy Birgit Sandkaulen
2. Hegel's Jena Practical Philosophy Michael Nance
Part Two: Phenomenology of Spirit
3. Consciousness and the Criterion of Knowledge in the Phenomenology of Spirit Dina Emundts
4. Self-Consciousness in the Phenomenology Scott Jenkins
5. Reason, self-transcendence and modernity in Hegel's Phenomenology William Bristow
6. Spirit in the Phenomenology of Spirit Mark Alznauer
7. Religion, Art and the Emergence of Absolute Spirit in the Phenomenology Allen Speight
8. Absolute Knowledge and the Ethical Conclusion of the Phenomenology Dean Moyar
Part Three: The Science of Logic
9. Hegel on Logic as Metaphysics Robert Pippin
10. Self-determination and Ideality in Hegel's Logic of Being Brady Bowman
11. The Logic of Essence as Internal Reflection Michael Quante
12. From Actuality to Concept in Hegel's Logic Karen Ng
13. Subjectivity in Hegel's Logic Rocío Zambrana
14. From Objectivity to the Absolute Idea in Hegel's Logic James Kreines
Part Four: The Encyclopedia Project, Philosophy of Nature and Subjective Spirit
15. Hegel's Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline Angelica Nuzzo
16. Hegel's Vorbegriff to the Encyclopedia Logic and its Context Robert Stern
17. Hegel's Philosophy of Nature Sebastian Rand
18. Hegel's Anthropology Andreja Novakovic
19. Hegel's Psychology Heikki Ikaheimo
Part Five: Objective Spirit
20. Hegel's Philosophy of Law Thom Brooks
21. Hegel's Philosophy of Action Christopher Yeomans
22. Hegel's Moral Philosophy Katerina Deligiorgi
23. Hegel's Liberal, Social and 'Ethical' State Ludwig Siep
24. Hegel's Philosophy of History as the Metaphysics of Agency Terry Pinkard
Part Six: Absolute Spirit
25. Hegel's Philosophy of Art Lydia Moland
26. Feeling, Representation, and Practice in Hegel's Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion Thomas Lewis
27. Hegel's Lectures on the History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy Paul Redding
28. Hegel's Lectures on the History of Modern Philosophy Karin de Boer
Part Seven: Hegel's Legacy
29. Marx and Hegel Zhang Shuangli
30. The American Reception of Hegel (1830-1930) John Kaag and Kipton Jensen
31. Hegel and Twentieth-Century French Philosophy Alison Stone
32. Hegel and the Frankfurt School Gordon Finlayson
33. Hegel's Revival in Analytic Philosophy Willem deVries
34. Liberalism and Recognition Sybol Cook Anderson