The Oxford Handbook of American Indian History

The Oxford Handbook of American Indian History

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No. of pages:664 pages
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Table of Contents:
List of maps
List of contributors
Part I: Major Chapters in the Native American Past
1. America in 1492 (Cameron B. Wesson)
2. European Invasions and Early Settlement, 1500-1680 (Robbie Ethridge)
3. Living in a Reordered World, 1680-1763 (Kathleen DuVal)
4. The Age of Imperial Expansion, 1763-1821 (Claudio Saunt)
5. U.S. Expansion and its Consequences, 1815-1890 (John P. Bowes)
6. Surviving the 20th Century, 1890-1960 (Paul C. Rosier)
7. The Indian Renaissance, 1960-2000: Stumbling to Victory, or Anecdotes of Persistence? (Robert Warrior)
8. Contemporary History: Native America in the Twenty-First Century (Paul DeMain)
Part II: Regional and Tribal Histories
9. The Great Lakes (Jill Doerfler and Erik Redix)
10. Iroquoia (Timothy J. Shannon)
11. The Southwest (James F. Brooks)
12. The Plains (Jeffrey Ostler)
13. The Pacific Northwest (Andrew H. Fisher)
14. California (William J. Bauer, Jr.)
15. Alaska (Rosita Kaaháni Worl)
16. The South (Christina Snyder)
17. The Atlantic Northeast (Neal Salisbury)
18. Indian Territory and Oklahoma (Troy D. Smith)
19. The Great Basin (Gregory E. Smoak)
Part III: Big Themes
20. Gender, Sexuality, and Family History: Naynaabeak's Fishing Net (Brenda J. Child)
21. Population, Health and Public Welfare (David Jones)
22. Spirituality (David Delgado Shorter)
23. Native American Expressive Arts (Anya Montiel)
24. Collectors and Museums: From Cabinets of Curiosities to Indigenous Cultural Centers (Scott Manning Stevens)
25. Indians in the Marketplace (Alexandra Harmon)
26. Intellectual History (Lisa Brooks)
27. Treaties and Treaty Making (Colin G. Calloway)
28. Urban Native Histories (Coll Thrush)
29. American Indians in Popular Culture (Dustin Tahmahkera)
30. American Indians in World History (Michael Witgen)