The New Cambridge Companion to Aquinas

The New Cambridge Companion to Aquinas

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:400 pages
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A detailed, historically informed examination of the major areas of Aquinas's thought, for both scholars and students.

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This new Companion to Aquinas features entirely new chapters written by internationally recognized experts in the field. It shows the power of Aquinas's philosophical thought and transmits the worldview which he inherited, developed, altered, and argued for, while at the same time revealing to contemporary philosophers the strong connections which there are between Aquinas's interests and views and their own. Its five sections cover the life and works of Aquinas; his metaphysics, including his understanding of the ultimate foundations of reality; his metaethics and ethics, including his virtue ethics; his account of human nature; his theory of the afterlife; his epistemology and his theory of the intellectual virtues; his view of the nature of free will and the relation of grace to free will; and finally some key components of his philosophical theology, including the incarnation and atonement, Christology, and the nature of original sin.

'This volume is a convincing testament to the enduring consequence of Aquinas's philosophical insights, and it will be an essential resource for students and teachers of St Thomas.' Austin Stevenson, The Heythrop Journal
Table of Contents:
Introduction: Eleonore Stump, Thomas Joseph White, OP; Part I. Life and works: 1. Thomas Aquinas: a life pursuing wisdom Dominic Legge, OP; Part II. Metaphysics and the ultimate foundation of reality: 2. First principles: hylomorphism and causation Jeffrey Brower; 3. Essence and being, God's simplicity and Trinity Thomas Joseph White, OP; 4. Goodness and being, transcendentals, participation Gaven Kerr; 5. The metaphysics of creation: secondary causality, modern science James Dominic Rooney, OP; 6. The nature of human beings Eleonore Stump; Part III. Epistemology: 7. The nature of cognition and knowledge Therese Cory; 8. Intellectual virtues: acquiring understanding Angela Knobel; 9. Intellect and will: free will and free choice Michael Gorman; Part IV. Ethics: 10. Grace and free will Tobias P. Hoffman; 11. Metaethics and from metaethics to normative ethics Colleen McCluskey; 12. Infused virtues, gifts and fruits Andrew Pinsent; Part V. Philosophical Theology: 13. Original sin Brian Leftow; 14. The incarnation Timothy Pawl; 15. Evil, sin, and redemption Thomas Williams; 16. Resurrection and eschatology Simon Gaine, OP.