The Lingua Franca: Contact-Induced Language Change in the Mediterranean

The Lingua Franca

Contact-Induced Language Change in the Mediterranean
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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By de-anonymizing the key text on Mediterranean Lingua Franca, the book opens unexpected new areas for linguistic and historical research.

Long description:
Whose name is hidden behind the anonymity of the key publication on Mediterranean Lingua Franca? What linguistic reality does the label 'Lingua Franca' conceal? These and related questions are explored in this new book on an enduringly important topic. The book presents a typologically informed analysis of Mediterranean Lingua Franca, as documented in the Dictionnaire de la langue franque ou petit mauresque, which provides an important historical snapshot of contact-induced language change. Based on a close study of the Dictionnaire in its historical and linguistic context, the book proposes hypotheses concerning its models, authorship and publication history, and examines the place of the Dictionnaire's Lingua Franca in the structural typological space between Romance languages, on the one hand, and pidgins, on the other. It refines our understanding of the typology of contact outcomes while at the same time opening unexpected new avenues for both linguistic and historical research.

'This book is a very good example of a concise full-language description along diachronic and synchronic axes. Plenty of data is provided, as should be the case with this type of study; the most interested readers will find that they can make additional discoveries about LF by proceeding from the author's solid sketch. The Lingua Franca is the most useful reference work in the history of research on this language.' David Douglas Robertson, Linguist
Table of Contents:
Foreword; 1. Introduction; 2. The author; 3. The dictionnaire; 4. The orthography; 5. The lexicon; 6. The word formation; 7. The inflection; 8. The syntax; 9. The lingua franca; Appendix A; Appendix B; Appendix C.