The Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Oriental Carpets

The Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Oriental Carpets

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No. of pages:194 pages
Size:215x279 mm
Weight:2041 g
Illustrations: 418 photos/drawings
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A beautiful, practical introduction to Oriental carpets for laymen, designers, and collectors, presented from the perspective of a successful, third-generation wholesaler. Using concise text, over 370 vivid color photographs, and more than 45 detailed line drawings, J.R. Azizollahoff explains the complexities, intricacies and irregularities in old handmade carpets and identifies the more important rug types. The combined text, photographs and drawings also bring to light what dealers look for and examine when evaluating an antique carpet. Also provided is a look at new carpets, which gives the reader a glimpse of the wonderful energy and creativity to be found in modern rugs. Approximate values, newly revised to reflect current prices, are included with the photographs as a helpful guide for consumers and collectors. The book's bibliography provides useful listings for further research.