The History of Political Thought: A Very Short Introduction

The History of Political Thought: A Very Short Introduction

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Thinking about politics has tended to be historical in nature because of the comparisons and contrasts that can be drawn between past and present. Different periods in politics have used the past differently. At times political thought can be said to have been drawn directly from the study of history; at others, perhaps including our own time, the relationship is more indirect.

This Very Short Introduction explores the core concerns and questions in the field of the history of political thought. Richard Whatmore considers the history of political thought as a branch of political philosophy/political science, and examines the approaches of core theorists such as Reinhart Koselleck, Strauss, Michel Foucault, and the so-called Cambridge School of Quentin Skinner and John Pocock. Assessing the current relationship between political history, theory and action,
Whatmore concludes with an analysis of its relevant for current politics.

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Table of Contents:
Political thought: a brief history
History and political philosophy: Arendt, Oakeshott, and Rawls
Political thought and extremism: Koselleck
Political thought in North America: Strauss
Political thought and the history of liberty: Foucault
Political theorists as historians: The Cambridge School
The History of Political Thought and Present Politics
Further Reading