The Future Law of Armed Conflict

The Future Law of Armed Conflict

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No. of pages:320 pages
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Table of Contents:
The Honorable John B. Bellinger III
Introduction: The Future Law of Armed Conflict
Matthew C. Waxman
Chapter 1: Future War, Future Law: A Historical Approach
Sir Adam Roberts
Chapter 2: The jus ad bellum anno 2040: An Essay on Possible Trends and Challenges
Terry D. Gill
Chapter 3: Coding the Law of Armed Conflict: First Steps
Ashley Deeks
Chapter 4: Big Data and the Future Law of Armed Conflict in Cyberspace
Paul B. Stephan
Chapter 5: Being More than You Can Be: Enhancement of Warfighters and the Law of Armed Conflict
Rain Liivoja
Chapter 6: The Law of Cyber Conflict: Quo Vadis 2.0?
Michael N. Schmitt
Chapter 7: The Laws of Neutrality in the Interconnected World: Mapping the Future Scenarios
Hitoshi Nasu
Chapter 8: The Future Law of Naval Warfare: Some Vessel Status Issues
Rob McLaughlin
Chapter 9: The Second Space Age: The Regulation of Military Space Operations and the Role of Private Actors
Christopher J. Borgen
Chapter 10: Coalition Warfare and the Future of the Law of Armed Conflict
Blaise Cathcart, QC
Chapter 11: Transatlantic Legal Cooperation and the Future Law of Armed Conflict
Steven Hill
Chapter 12: Who Gets to Make International Humanitarian Law in the Future: A Pluralist Vision
Alex Moorehead
Chapter 13: The Future of Military and Security Privatization: Protecting the Values Underlying the Law of Armed Conflict
Laura A. Dickinson
Chapter 14: A Discursive Analysis of the Chinese Party-State's Potential Impact on the Law of Armed Conflict
E. John Gregory