The Evolution of EU Law

The Evolution of EU Law

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Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Table of Contents:
Integration, Democracy and Legitimacy
Institutions, Power and Institutional Balance
Legal and Constitutional Theory of the European Union
The Agencification Process and the Evolution of the EU Administrative System
Judicial Reform and the European Court: Not a Numbers Game
Direct Effect, Primacy and the Nature of the Legal Order
Preliminary Rulings and EU Legal Integration: Evolution and Continuity
The Vicissitudes of Life at the Coalface: Remedies and Procedures for Enforcing Union Law before the National Courts
The Rule of Law
The Evolution of EU Administrative Law
From a Europe of Bits and Pieces to a Union of Variegated Differentiation
(Br)Exit from the EU-Control, Autonomy and the Evolution of EU Law
External Relations of the European Union: The Constitutional Framework for International Action
The Evolution of EU Human Rights Law
Free Movement of Persons, Establishment and Services
Free Movement of Goods: Evolution and Intelligent Design in the Foundations of the European Union
Free Movement of Capital: Evolution as a Non-Linear Process
Citizenship: Contrasting Dynamics at the Interface of Integration and Constitutionalism
EU Anti-Discrimination Law: Navigating Sameness and Difference
EU 'Social' Policy: From Employment Law to Labour Market Reform
Economic and Monetary Union: Evolution and Conflict
EU Criminal Law and Police Cooperation
Civil Justice Extending its Tentacles
The Evolution of EU Law on Refugees and Asylum
Competition Law: Convergence through Law and Networks
EU Environmental Law and Legal Imagination
Consumer Policy
The Evolution of European Data Law