The British Columbia Court of Appeal: The First Hundred Years

The British Columbia Court of Appeal

The First Hundred Years
Publisher: UBC Press
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No. of pages:304 pages
Size:235x159 mm
Weight:580 g
Illustrations: 105 b&w illustrations
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An authoritative history of British Columbia?s highest court.

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Courts of law at once reflect and shape the society in which they reside and dispense justice. To mark the 2010 centenary of the British Columbia Court of Appeal, this book presents an institutional, jurisprudential, and biographical account of the court and its evolving role in the province. Richly illustrated and replete with group portraits of judges and accounts of key cases, this authoritative history explores how the court came into being, how it has operated, and who its judges have been. In the process, it tells the story of how the court has shaped ? and been shaped by ? the social, political, and legal development of British Columbia.