Terrific Tablecloths from the '40s & '50s

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No. of pages:160 pages
Size:279x215 mm
Weight:816 g
Illustrations: 421 color photos
Long description:
Terrific Tablecloths from the '40s & '50s is a must have book for anyone interested in textiles. These tablecloths take you back to the colorful prints inspired by wartime victory gardens, mountain dogwood, and springtime bouquets. Enjoy colorful treatments of fruits, vegetables, and berries, and an incredible assortment of florals in allover and rich border patterns. An entire chapter is dedicated to the wonderful souvenir maps from vacations in places like Florida, Arizona, and Alaska. More than 400 color photographs are here to be enjoyed. Captions and values make this an invaluable resource for collectors, designers, and antique dealers.