Spot's Slide and Seek: Farm

Spot's Slide and Seek: Farm

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No. of pages:10 pages
Size:178x178x15 mm
Weight:307 g
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Spot is helping Dad on the farm today - and there's lots to do! How many animals will they see?

Curious young minds will love exploring the farmyard with Spot and Dad in this colourful, interactive board book. The sturdy novelty allows little hands to push, pull, slide, and play as they join in with feeding the chickens, cleaning the pigsty, and more. The gentle narrative introduces key farmyard vocabulary and animal noises, and is perfect for reading aloud.

Eric Hill's Where's Spot? was the first ever lift-the-flap book - and his ground-breaking innovation continues to delight and surprise readers with interactive fun. Spot has now been a trusted character in early learning for over 40 years, selling over 65 million books worldwide.

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