Sources of Mongolian Buddhism

Sources of Mongolian Buddhism

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Table of Contents:
Notes on Transliteration
Vesna Wallace
Part I: Two Early Seventeenth-Century Texts
The Stone Inscription of Covtu Taiji
Brian Bauman
Siregetü Güüsi Corji's Treatise Containing the Complete Meanings of the Most Important [Doctrinal Concepts] to be Used
Agata Bareja-Starzynska
Part II: Autobiography and Biography
The Autobiography of the First Khalkha Zaya Pandita Lobsang Trinley
Sangseraima Ujeed
Zava Damdin's Beautifying Ornament for the Mind of the Faithful: A Praise-Biography of my Root Lama Vajradhara, He Who Possesses the Three Types of Kindness, the Great Madapandita Endowed with Excellent Discipline and Learning Named "Sanjaa"
Matthew W. King
Part III: Buddhist Teachings
A Trilogy of Ngawang Palden and Sherüb Tendar
Erdenebaatar Erdene-Ochir
Miscellaneous Writings of Caqar Gebsi Luvsancültem
Matthew W. King
Teachings of the Pious Fat Pandita Tsevelvaanchigdorji
Vesna A. Wallace
Mergen Gegeen's Didactic Poetry
Uranchimeg Ujeed
Part IV: Buddhist Didactic Poetry
Buddhist Literature of Danzan Ravjaa
Simon Wickham-Smith
Part V: Buddhist Ritual Texts
Khalkha Zaya Pandita's Smoke Offering Rituals to the Khangai Mountain Range
Krisztina Teleki
Ritual Texts of Mergeen Gegeen
Uranchimeg Ujeed
Ritual Texts of Prosperity and Purification
Vesna A. Wallace
Ritual Texts Dedicated to the White Old Man with Examples from the Classical Mongolian and Oirat (Clear Script) Textual Corpora
Birtalan Ágnes
Incense Offering to the Lord Chinggis Khan
Matthew W. King
Caqar Gebsi Luvsancultem's Offering Ritual to the Fire Goddess
Batsaikhan Norov and Batchimeg Ushkhbayar
Three Ritual Prayers by Ondor Gegeen Zanabazar
Zsuzsa Mayer
Part VI: Buddhist Oral Literature of the Eighteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
The Legend of Mother Tara the Green
Brian Baumann
Oral Historical Narratives from the Early Twentieth Century
Adrienne Gecse
Part VII: Tradition in Transition: The Twentieth-Century Writings
Zava Damdin's "A 1931 Survey of Mongolian Monastic Colleges"
Matthew W. King
Agwan Dorjiev's Questions about the Past and Future of Mongolian Buddhism
Matthew W. King
The Internal Regulations of Gandan Monastery in Ulaanbaatar
Uranchimeg Tsultemin
Agvaanyam's "The Origin of Human Beings and the Holy Dharma Kings and Ministers in Mongol Lands," from The History of the Dharma, The Lamp of Scriptures and Reasoning
Matthew W. King
Literary Treatments of Buddhism in the Period of Transition
Simon Wickham-Smith
Part VIII: Contemporary Buddhist Writings
Contemporary Buddhist Poetry and Fiction
Simon Wickham-Smith