Situating Spirituality: Context, Practice, and Power

Situating Spirituality

Context, Practice, and Power
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Table of Contents:
Eminently Social Spirituality: Context, Practice, and Power
Brian Steensland, Jaime Kucinskas, Anna Sun
Part One: Context
1. Social Practices and Cultural Contexts: Framework for the Study of Spirituality
Nancy Ammerman
2. The Gods of Modern Spirituality
Linda Woodhead
3. Fearful Asymmetry: Rethinking the Boundaries between Religion and Spirituality
Anna Sun
4. Trumping the Devil! Engendering the Spirituality of the Marketplace within Africa and the African Diaspora
Afe Adogame
5. Methodological Innovations for the Study of Spirituality
Bradley Wright
6. Shifts in Spiritual and Religious Self-Perceptions in the First Year of College
Alyssa N. Rochenbach
7. Spirituality among African Americans: Inter-Racial and Intra-Racial Differences across Followers of Various Religious Traditions
Jason Shelton
Part Two: Practice
8. The Micro-interactive Order of Spirituality
Michael Pagis
9. Ecstasies: Or, the Limitations of Vanilla Spirituality Studies
Melissa Wilcox
10. Textures of Spirituality in Rural Malawi
Ann Swidler
11. Gifts, Weapons, and Values: The Language of Spirituality in 21st Century Central America
Robert Brenneman
Part Three: Power
12. Everything is Connected: Relocating Spiritual Power from Nature to Society
Stef Aupers
13. Yoga Spirituality in the Context of U.S. Institutions
Candy Gunther Brown
14. Training Spiritual Caregivers: Spirituality in Chaplaincy Programs in Theological Education
Wendy Cage, Beth Stroud, Patrick K. Palmer, George Fitchett, Trace Haythorne, Casey Clevenger
15. Spirituality and Islam: Sufism in Indonesia
Rachel Rinaldo
16. The Transmission of Spirituality in Broader Landscapes of Power
Jaime Kucinskas
17. Three Questions About Spirituality: Its Meaning, Influence, and Future
Brian Steensland