Shelley: Selected Poems: Selected Poems

Shelley: Selected Poems

Selected Poems
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Percy Bysshe Shelley was one of the major Romantic Poets and wrote what is critically recognised as some of the finest lyric poetry in the English Language. In this volume, the editors have selected the most popular and significant poems from the 6-volume Longman Annotated edition of Shelley?s poems.

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Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792?1822) was one of the major Romantic poets and wrote what is critically recognised as some of the finest lyric poetry in the English Language. In this volume, the editors have selected the most popular, significant and frequently taught poems from the six-volume Longman Annotated edition of Shelley?s poems. Each poem is fully annotated, explained and contextualised, along with a comprehensive list of abbreviations, an inclusive bibliography of material relating to the text and interpretation of Shelley?s poetry, plus an extensive chronology of Shelley?s life and works. Headnotes and footnotes furnish the personal, literary, historical and scientific information necessary for an informed reading of Shelley?s richly varied and densely allusive verse, making this an ideal anthology for students, classroom use, and anyone approaching Shelley?s poetry for the first time; however the level and extent of commentary and annotation will also be of great value for researchers and critics.

'This new Shelley: Selected Poems offers the outstanding editorial expertise and critical acumen of the complete Longman Poems in a single judiciously organized volume. It will be of great interest to everyone who cares about one of the most challenging of Romantic poets.'

Professor William Keach, Emeritus Professor, Brown University, USA

Table of Contents:



Title Page


Chronological Table of Shelley?s Life and Publications


The Poems

1 Stanzas. ? April, 1814

2 ?O! there are spirits of the air?

3 To Wordsworth

4 Mutability

5 Alastor; or, The Spirit of Solitude

6 Verses written on receiving a Celandine in a letter from England

7 Hymn to Intellectual beauty

8 Mont Blanc. Lines Written in the Vale of Chamouni

9 Ozymandias

10 To Constantia (?Thy voice, slow rising like a Spirit, lingers?)

11 Sonnet (?Lift not the painted veil which those who live?)

12 The Two Spirits. An Allegory

13 Lines Written among the Euganean Hills. October, 1818

14 Stanzas written in dejection ? December 1818, near Naples

15 Prometheus Unbound

16 Julian and Maddalo

17 To Night

18 The Mask of Anarchy

19 Ode to Heaven

20 To S[idmouth] and C[astlereagh]

21 England in 1819

22 Ode to the West Wind

23 On the Medusa of Leonardo da Vinci, In the Florentine Gallery

24 Love?s Philosophy

25 ?Thou art fair, and few are fairer?

26 To ?? ("I fear thy kisses, gentle maiden?)

27 On a Dead Violet: To ??

28 Goodnight

29 ?What men gain fairly, that they should possess?

30 An Exhortation

31 Song: To the Men of England

32 To ?? (?Corpses are cold in the tomb?)

33 The Sensitive

34 To ?? [Lines to a Reviewer]

35 ?Arethusa arose?

36 ?Arethusa was a maiden?

37 ?God save the Queen!? [A New National Anthem]

38 Song (?Rarely, rarely comest thou?)

39 Song of Apollo

40 Song of Pan

41 The Cloud

42 Evening. Ponte a Mare, Pisa

43 Letter to Maria Gisborne

44 To a Sky

45 To ?? [the Lord Chancellor]

46 To ?? [Lines to a Critic]

47 The Witch of Atlas

48 Sonnet: Political Greatness

49 ?Ye hasten to the [grave]! What seek ye there??

50 ?Rose leaves, when the rose is dead? [To ?? (?Music, when soft voices die?)]

51 Epipsychidion

52 A Lament (?O World, O Life, O Time?)

53 ?When passion?s trance is overpast?

54 Adonais

55 The Aziola

56 Written on hearing the news of the death of Napoleon

57 The Indian Girl?s Song

58 Autumn: a Dirge

59 ?The flower that smiles today? [Mutability]

60 ?A widowed bird sate mourning for her love?

61 ?Art thou pale for weariness?

62 To ? (?The serpent is shut out from Paradise?)

63 To Jane. The invitation

64 To Jane ? The recollection

65 ?Swifter far than summer?s flight? / Remembrance [A Lament]

66 ?When the lamp is shattered? [Lines]

67 ?One word is too often profaned?

68 With a guitar. To Jane

69 The magnetic lady to her patient

70 The Triumph of Life

71 To Jane (?The keen stars were twinkling?)

72 ?Bright wanderer, fair coquette of Heaven? [Lines Written in the Bay of Lerici]

Index of Titles

Index of First Lines