Sea of Troubles: The European Conquest of the Islamic Mediterranean C1750-1918

Sea of Troubles

The European Conquest of the Islamic Mediterranean C1750-1918
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A lively, sweeping account of how a once great Islamic civilisation was defeated by European powers.

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In the second half of the eighteenth century, approximately three quarters of the Mediterranean coastline and its hinterlands were controlled by a vast Islamic power, the centuries-old Ottoman Empire. However, by the end of the First World War, this great civilisation - once regarded by Christian Europe with awe and fear - had been completely subjugated, its territories occupied by European powers. The history of imperialism in the Mediterranean involves not one but six European powers - Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Austria-Hungary and Russia - jostling for control of the trade, lands and wealth of those they saw as the existential other'. The competition between these states made their conquest of the Islamic Mediterranean a far more difficult and extended task than they encountered elsewhere in the world. Yet, as new contenders entered the contest, and as the rivalries in the Mediterranean intensified in the early twentieth century, events would spiral out of control as the continent headed towards the First World War. Set against a background of intense imperial rivalry, Sea of Troubles is the definitive account of the European conquest of the Levant and North Africa in the last three centuries.