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Publisher: Duke University Press Books
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No. of pages:160 pages
Size:178x127 mm
Weight:159 g
Illustrations: 20 illustrations
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Former college track athlete Lindsey A. Freeman presents a feminist and queer handbook of running in which she considers what it means to run as a visibly queer person while exploring how running puts us in contact with ourselves and others.

Long description:
In Running, former NCAA Division I track athlete Lindsey A. Freeman presents the feminist and queer handbook of running that she always wanted but could never find. For Freeman, running is full of joy, desire, and indulgence in the pleasure and weirdness of having a body. It allows for a space of freedom—to move and be moved. Through tender storytelling of a lifetime wearing running shoes, Freeman considers injury and recovery, what it means to run as a visibly queer person, and how the release found in running comes from a desire to touch something that cannot be accessed when still. Running invites us to run through life, legging it out the best we can with heart and style.

"You can fill a small library with books on running, but you won’t find many that touch on queerness and feminism in the sport. . . . [Freeman's] storytelling, along with her friend Hazel Meyer’s illustrations, chronicles Freeman’s lifelong relationship with running and illuminates the 'unexpected moments of connection and joy that we runners feel when we cover some distance together.'"
Table of Contents:
Acknowledgments  ix
Introduction  1
Stride—Form—Cadence—Pace  14
On the Subversive Nature of This Handbook  17
A Note on “Just Do It”  30
Leaving It All on the Track  33
Running Is a Contact Sport  37
Running after Olympians  42
Running Is Your Life  56
Speed Play  58
Personal Best  61
In Training for the Boston Marathon  70
Running the Risk Of  84
Courage, or The Paris Marathon  87
Runner’s High  91
Let’s Let Our Running Be Real  97
On Hitting the Wall and Writer’s Block  101
Repetitive Stress  105
A Note on Cross
-Training  112
A Note on Running to Music  114
Big Gay 10K  117
This One’s for the Rabbits, the Also
-Rans, and the Dreamers  120
Loops—Practice—Repetition—Ritual  126
Cooldown and Stretching  131
Notes  135
Bibliography: Things I Thought With, Things I Ran With  145