Routledge Handbook of International Political Sociology

Routledge Handbook of International Political Sociology

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No. of pages:416 pages
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Short description:

This handbook presents in a comprehensive, concise and accessible overview, the emerging field of international political sociology. It summarizes and synthesizes existing knowledge in the field while presenting central themes and methodologies that have been at the centre of its development.

Long description:

This handbook presents in a comprehensive, concise and accessible overview, the emerging field of international political sociology. It summarizes and synthesizes existing knowledge in the field while presenting central themes and methodologies that have been at the centre of its development, providing the reader with a sense of the diversity and research dynamics that are at the heart of international political sociology as a field of study. A wide range of topics covered include:

  • International political sociology and its cognate disciplines and fields of study;

  • Key themes including security, mobility, finance, development, gender, religion, health, global elites and the environment;

  • Methodologies on how to engage with international political sociology including fieldwork, archives, discourse, ethnography, assemblage, materiality, social spaces and visuality;

  • Current and future challenges of international political sociology addressed by three key scholars.

Providing a synthetic reference point, summarizing key achievements and engagements while putting forward future developments and potential fruitful lines of inquiry, it is an invaluable resource for students, academics and researchers from a range of disciplines, particularly international relations, political science, sociology, political geography, international law, international political economy, security studies and gender studies.

'"Handbook" scarcely captures the excitement that this lively volume engenders. Guillaume, Bilgin and their innovative contributors have given us a proverbial diving board from which we all - in all fields - can launch our own plunges into an ocean of intellectual explorations. Reading this book makes clear that international political sociology is not a disciplinary fortress; it is a world of investigatory possibilities.' - Cynthia Enloe, author of Globalization and Militarism (new updated edition, 2016)

'International political sociology represents the most intellectually dynamic field of study within international relations today, and this handbook provides a definitive overview. An essential point of reference for students and scholars alike.' - Peter Mandaville, George Mason University, UK

'This handbook is an excellent introduction to the burgeoning study field of international political sociology. Combining theoretical lineages with introducing key matters of concern, it captures the intellectual diversity and dynamism of international political sociology. Guillaume and Bilgin avoid disciplinary boundary drawing and focus instead on the pluriverse of works challenging familiar conceptual repertoires of IR, giving us an excellent view of the creativity with which international political sociology engages theoretical, methodological and political challenges of our times.' - Jef Huysmans, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

?Handbooks generally summarize, consolidate, and synthesize. That is, they serve as reference material: their quality depends on the comprehensiveness and accessibility of their collections; experts in their subject matter have no call to consult them. Guilaume?s and Bilgin?s handbook is definitely comprehensive and accessible, but it otherwise breaks the mold. It genuinely advances?the international political sociology agenda. Both together, and in their individual chapters, the contributors build a case for new ways of understanding the ?state of the art? and where to take it.? ? Daniel Nexon, Georgetown University, USA

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to the Routledge Handbook of International Political Sociology  Part I: International Political Sociology and its Cognate Fields of Study  2. Feminist Theory/Gender Studies  3. Historical Sociology  4. International Law  5. International Political Economy  6. International Political Theory  7. Postcolonialism and International Political Sociology  8. The International Political Strategy of Security Studies  9. Sociology  10. World Society  Part II: Key Themes of International Political Sociology  11. Citizenship and an International Political Sociology  12. Advancing "Development" through an International Political Sociology  13. The Environment  14. Finance  15. Feminist International Political Sociology
- International Political Sociology Feminism  16. Global Elites  17. Global Governance  18. Health, Medecine and the Bio
-Sciences  19. Mobilisation  20. Mobility  21. Straddling National and International Politics: Revisiting the Secular Assumptions  22. Reflexive Sociology and International Political Economy  23. Security Studies  Part III: Methodologies of International Political Sociology  24. Archival Methods  25. Assemblage  26. Discourse and Narrative  27. Ethnography/Autoethnography/Autobiography  28. Learning From the Field  29. History  30. Learning How To See  31. Materiality  32. Multidisciplinarity  33. Practice  34. Social Spaces  Parti IV: Transversal Reflections  35. Afterword: Transversal Politics  36. Afterword : International Political Sociology, or: The Social Ontology and Power Politics of Process  37. Afterword: The Commercial In/For International Political Sociology