Rethinking Contemporary British Women?s Writing: Realism, Feminism, Materialism

Rethinking Contemporary British Women?s Writing

Realism, Feminism, Materialism
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
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No. of pages:184 pages
Size:216x138 mm
Long description:
Providing close readings of well-known British realist writers including Pat Barker, A. S. Byatt, Rose Tremain, Sarah Hall, Bernadine Evaristo and Zadie Smith, this book uses new directions in material and posthuman feminism to examine how contemporary women writers explore the challenges we collectively face today.
Walezak redresses negative assumptions about realism's alleged conservatism and demonstrates the vitality and relevance of the realist genre in experimenting with the connections between individual and collective voices, human and non-human meditations, local and global scales, and author and reader.
Considering how contemporary realist writing is attuned to pressing issues including globalization, climate change, and interconnectivity, this book provides innovative new ways of reading realism, examines how these writers are looking to reinvent the genre, and shows how realism helps reimagine our place in the world.
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction: Reading Realism Anew
2. Novel Thinking: Reimagining Omniscience
3. Abjection, Self-Abjection and Social Mutations: Engaging with the Reader
4. Realist Characterization and the Feminist Politics of Location: Situated Knowledges
5. Realist Descriptions: Re-Inscribing Democracy
6. Posthuman Naturalism
7. The New Realist Imaginary