Religion, Law, and Democracy: Selected Writings

Religion, Law, and Democracy

Selected Writings
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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Table of Contents:
Freedom in Religion, Freedom in the State: Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde on Religion, Law, and Democracy
Part I: Catholic Church and Political Order
Böckenförde on the relation of the Catholic Church and Christians to democracy and authoritarianism
The Ethos of Modern Democracy and the Church [1957]
German Catholicism in 1933: A Critical Examination [1961]
Types of Christian Worldly Conduct during the Nazi-Regime [1965]
Religious Freedom Between the Conflicting Demands of Church and State [1964-79]
Part II: State and Secularity
Böckenförde on the Secular State and Secular Law
The Rise of the State as a Process of Secularization [1967]
The Fundamental Right of Freedom of Conscience [1969]
Remarks on the Relation between State and Religion in Hegel [1982]
The Secularized State: Its Character, Justification, and Problems in the Twenty-First Century [2007]
Part III: On the Theology of Law and Political Theory
Böckenförde on the Relationship Between Theology, Law and Political Theory
Political Theory and Political Theology: Comments on their reciprocal relationship [1981]
Reflections on a Theology of Modern Secular Law [1999]
A Christian in the Office of Constitutional Judge [1999]
On the Authority of Papal Encyclicals: the Example of Pronouncements on Religious Freedom [2005]
Part IV: Basic Norms and the Principle of Human Dignity
Böckenförde on the Right to Life, Human Dignity, and its Meta-positive Foundations
Abolition of
218 of the Criminal Code? Reflections on the Current debate about the prohibition of abortion under German Criminal Law [1971]
Human Dignity as a Normative Principle: Fundamental Rights in the Bioethics Debate [2003]
Will Human Dignity Remain Inviolable? [2004]
Part V: Böckenförde in Context
Biographical Interview with Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde [2011]