Prairie Up: An Introduction to Natural Garden Design

Prairie Up

An Introduction to Natural Garden Design
Edition number: First Edition
Publisher: 3 Fields Books
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Number of Volumes: Paperback
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No. of pages:208 pages
Size:254x203x13 mm
Weight:494 g
Illustrations: 154 color photographs, 4 tables
Long description:
Connecting to nature with native plants

Landscaping with native plants has encouraged gardeners from the Midwest and beyond to embark on a profound scientific, ecological, and emotional partnership with nature. Benjamin Vogt shares his expertise with prairie plants in a richly photographed guide aimed at gardeners and homeowners, making big ideas about design approachable and actionable. Step-by-step blueprints point readers to plant communities that not only support wildlife and please the eye but that rethink traditional planting and maintenance. Additionally, Vogt provides insider information on plant sourcing, garden tools, and working with city ordinances. This book will be an invaluable reference in sustainable garden design for those wanting both beautiful and functional landscapes.

Easy to use and illustrated with over 150 color photos, Prairie Up is a practical guide to artfully reviving diversity and wildness in our communities.

"A complete toolkit for the gardener looking to create a prairie-inspired home landscape." --Horticulture

"A wonderful book for the gardener interested in natural garden design, native plants, plant communities, ecoregions, plant sociability, and more." --The Real Dirt, Garden Club of America

"Gives gardeners the tools they need to confidently 'prairie up' their landscape, whether its a garden bed or an entire yard. " --My Northern Garden

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Bringing the Prairie Home

Chapter 2. Learning about Native Plants and Plant Communities

Chapter 3. Planning, Installing, and Managing the Garden

Chapter 4. Designing the Garden

Chapter 5. Resources

A Candid Q&A