Politics in the European Union

Politics in the European Union

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Table of Contents:
Part One: Theory
Theories of European Integration
Theories of EU Governance
Theorizing Consequences
Critical Perspectives
Part Two: History
From the End of the War to the Schuman Plan (the Late 1940s to the Early 1950s)
The 'Other' European Communities and the Origins of the European Economic Community (the Early 1950s to the 1960s)
The First Years of the European Economics Community (the 1960s and into the 1970s)
The Revival of European Integration (the Mid-1970s to the Late 1980s)
Maastricht and Amsterdam (the Late 1980s to the Late 1990s)
From Amsterdam to Lisbon (2000-09)
The EU in Crisis (2009-19)
Part Three: Institutions
The Institutional Architecture
The European Commission
The European Council and the Council of the European Union (EU)
The European Parliament
The Court of Justice of the European Union
Organized Interests
Part Four: Policies
Policy Making and Policies in the European Union
The Single Market
Economic and Monetary Union
Environment and Climate
Freedom, Security, and Justice
Trade and Development Aid
Common Foreign and Security Policy