Political Geography: World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality

Political Geography

World-Economy, Nation-State and Locality
Edition number: 7, New edition
Publisher: Routledge
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No. of pages:390 pages
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Short description:

The updated edition explores the corporatization of politics, challenges to globalization, and the increasingly influential role of China. New material includes sections on art and war, intimate geopolitics, geopolitical constructs and the role of the so-called Islamic State in global geopolitics.

Long description:

The new and updated seventh edition of Political Geography once again shows itself fit to tackle a frequently and rapidly changing geopolitical landscape. It retains the intellectual clarity, rigour and vision of previous editions based upon its world-systems approach, and is complemented by the perspective of feminist geography. The book successfully integrates the complexity of individuals with the complexity of the world-economy by merging the compatible, but different, research agendas of the co-authors.

This edition explores the importance of states in corporate globalization, challenges to this globalization, and the increasingly influential role of China. It also discusses the dynamics of the capitalist world-economy and the constant tension between the global scale of economic processes and the territorialization of politics in the current context of geopolitical change. The chapters have been updated with new examples ? new sections on art and war, intimate geopolitics and geopolitical constructs reflect the vibrancy and diversity of the academic study of the subject. Sections have been updated and added to the material of the previous edition to reflect the role of the so-called Islamic State in global geopolitics. The book offers a framework to help students make their own judgements of how we got where we are today, and what may or should be done about it.

Political Geography remains a core text for students of political geography, geopolitics, international relations and political science, as well as more broadly across human geography and the social sciences.

"This textbook remains the most exciting introduction to political geography and its basic themes, with its compelling scalar organization, its systematic application of world system analysis complemented by feminist geographies, and its broad coverage of other approaches in the discipline. With this new edition, the authors succeed once more in engaging with the rapidly changing geographies of political relations across the world, as well as with the evolution of the scholarship about them." - Dr Virginie Mamadouh, Associate Professor of Political and Cultural Geography, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Through seven editions and more than three decades, this book has introduced generations of students to political geography. Reading it, you too will surely be seduced by this subject and want to learn more about what the authors call "the small sub-discipline with the big subject-matter ? relations between space and power". - James D. Sidaway, National University of Singapore

"The latest edition of this classic text maintains the strong conceptual focus and empirical depth of its predecessors while incorporating new perspectives and topics. Flint and Taylor offer an enormously thought-provoking, insightful perspective on political geography?one that can help students and professionals alike make sense of our turbulent world." - Professor Alexander Murphy, Rippey Chair in Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Oregon, USA



Table of Contents:

Preface to the seventh edition  Tips for reading this book  Acknowledgements  Prologue: episodes in the life and times of a sub
-discipline  1 A world
-systems approach to political geography  2 Geopolitics rampant  3 Geography of imperialisms  4 Territorial states  5 Nation, nationalism and citizenship  6 Political geography of democracy  7 Cities as localities  8 Place and identity politics  Epilogue: a political geography framework for understanding our twenty
-century world
Glossary  Bibliography  Index