Pictorial Price Guide of Marbles

Pictorial Price Guide of Marbles

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No. of pages:160 pages
Size:228x152 mm
Weight:1134 g
Illustrations: 522 color photos
Long description:
This valuable resource illustrates and evaluates marbles produced by the best-known manufacturers, including Akro Agate, Christensen Agate, M.F. Christensen & Son, Marble King, Master Marble, Peltier Glass, Ravenswood Novelty Works, and Vitro Agate. Fine examples of contemporary handmade, end-of-day, and non-glass marbles also are shown and priced. Over 520 color photographs display the top-selling marbles from a wide range of categories, including banded, lutz, onionskin, paperweight, slag, and more. Auction values are provided with each marble illustrated and prices realized at auction for an additional 8,000 marbles are listed, making this the most thorough guide available.