PhotoSecrets Athens: Where to Take Pictures: A Photographer's Guide to the Best Photo Spots

PhotoSecrets Athens

Where to Take Pictures: A Photographer's Guide to the Best Photo Spots
Series: PhotoSecrets;
Publisher: PhotoSecrets
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No. of pages:144 pages
Size:229x152 mm
Illustrations: 300 Illustrations, unspecified; 100 Halftones, color
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Every traveler wants a great photo. But where do you go for that perfect shot?

PhotoSecrets shows you where to find the best photo locations and how to take great pictures. Save time on research enhance your experience, and make your pictures look professional.

Color photos show you all the great views ? flick through and pick your favorites. See where to stand, which direction to point, and where to shoot. Read what the sight is, why it is interesting, when to get the best light, and how to take better photos. Discover secret sights, get inspiring ideas and capture your picture-perfect memories.