Outlines of a Theory of Plural Habitus: Bourdieu Revisited

Outlines of a Theory of Plural Habitus

Bourdieu Revisited
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Drawing on Norbert Elias? process sociology, this book proposes an extension of the thought of Pierre Bourdieu, allowing for the plurality of habituses as both a means of studying micro- and macro-level historical changes and the proper development of a path that Bourdieu had begun to explore.

Long description:

This book explores the thought of Pierre Bourdieu, one of the most influential sociologists of the twentieth century, proposing a modification and extension of his concept of habitus. Building on Bourdieu?s notion of the translational reproduction of social structure ? the idea that while social classes move in the same direction, dominant groups are able to preserve their relative power position, thus maintaining the structure of the gap ? the author proposes that as social structures change, habitus change correspondingly, and thus become plural. Informed by Norbert Elias? process sociology, this volume offers examples of habitus pluralisation, arguing that this modification of Bourdieu?s thought renders it more suitable for the study of social changes and represents the development of a path that Bourdieu himself had begun to explore in the later stages of his career. As such it will appeal to scholars of sociology and social theory with interests in historical sociology, process sociology, social structures and the thought of Bourdieu.

Table of Contents:

Introduction  1. The Habitus Concept in the Bourdieusian Oeuvre  2. Approaches to Changing Habitus  3. The Social Construction of Plural Habitus: Historical Examples  3.1. The Process Sociology of Norbert Elias  3.2. The Emergence of Expanding Habitus  3.3. The Long-term Transformation of the Western Gender Order  3.4. Habitus and Life-cycles  3.5. The Inculcation of Habitus  4. Summary