New York Yankees Firsts: The Players, Moments, and Records That Were First in Team History
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New York Yankees Firsts

The Players, Moments, and Records That Were First in Team History
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In the nearly 120-year-history of the New York Yankees, fans have been treated to countless firsts?the first Yankee to hit a home run in the original Yankee Stadium (Babe Ruth), the first to hit a homer in the current stadium (Jorge Posada), the first Cy Young Award winner (Bob Turley), the first to hit for the Triple Crown (Lou Gehrig), and the first to amass 3,000 hits (Derek Jeter). The list goes on.

In New York Yankees Firsts, Howie Karpin presents the stories behind the firsts in Yankees history in question-and-answer format. More than a mere trivia book, Karpin?s collection includes substantive answers to the question of ?who was the first??? on a variety of topics, many of which will surprise even seasoned fans of the Bronx Bombers.