My Scrapbook Journal: A Creative Guide to Scrapbooking and Collage

My Scrapbook Journal

A Creative Guide to Scrapbooking and Collage
Publisher: Oh! Life
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No. of pages:160 pages
Size:0x0x0 mm
Illustrations: Over 200 illus
Short description:

A beautiful and practical craft book by scrapbook journaling TikToker Flinasday - aka Alina Fischer - including Flinasday's most popular pages and her top tips on how to achieve effects.

This scrapbooking guide includes basics on how to get started and find inspiration along with step-by-steps for various techniques from distressing paper to fancy papercutting.

Long description:

Indulge your artistic side, explore your imagination and record your thoughts or life in your own personalized scrapbook journal, collaged with ephemera and embellished with stickers, cut-outs and motivational quotes.

Sometimes referred to as a smash or junk journal, scrapbooking can be used to create collages of your favourite themes, record moments or ideas, or keep a lasting record of memorabilia. Discover all the inside tricks and tips from the most popular scrapbooker on social media, and explore her themed layouts, from dark academia to vintage fashion. Find out how she puts her pages together, what inspires her, how and where she sources materials and tools, and how she works in those tiny, tiny notebooks. Packed with inspirations, motivations and practical know-how, you'll soon be hooked on this hands-on hobby that expresses your creativity and relaxes your mind and body at the same time.

Table of Contents:

- Materials
- All the essential bits to begin scrapbooking
- First Things First
- Getting organized with materials, sorting and storing, planning your design etc
- Themes
- With themes such as seasons, nature, animals & wildlife, good memories, travel, fashion, etc
- Unique Techniques
- Step
-steps for more involved techniques
- Resources & Shopping
- Acknowledgements