Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

Edition number: 3
Publisher: Academic Cell
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No. of pages:1006 pages
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Molecular Biology, Third Edition, provides a thoroughly revised, invaluable resource for college and university students in the life sciences, medicine and related fields. This esteemed text continues to meet the needs of students and professors by offering new chapters on RNA, genome defense, and epigenetics, along with expanded coverage of RNAi, CRISPR, and more ensuring topical content for a new class of students. This volume effectively introduces basic concepts that are followed by more specific applications as the text evolves.

Moreover, as part of the Academic Cell line of textbooks, this book contains research passages that shine a spotlight on current experimental work reported in Cell Press articles. These articles form the basis of case studies found in the associated online study guide that is designed to tie current topics to the scientific community.

  • Winner of a 2020 Textbook Excellence Award (College) (Texty) from the Textbook and Academic Authors Association
  • Contains new chapters on non-coding RNA, genome defense, epigenetics and epigenomics
  • Features new and expanded coverage of RNAi, CRISPR, genome editing, giant viruses and proteomics
  • Provides an ancillary package with updated PowerPoint slide images
Table of Contents:

Unit 1: Basic Chemical and Biological Principles 1. Cells and Organisms 2. Basic Genetics 3. DNA, RNA, and Protein 4. Genes, Genomes, and DNA 5. Manipulation of Nucleic Acids

Unit 2: The Genome 6. The Polymerase Chain Reaction 7. Cloning Genes for Analysis 8. DNA Sequencing 9. Genomics and Systems Biology New Chapter to cover metagenomics, symbiosis, epigenomics etc

Unit 3: The Central Dogma of Molecular Biology 10. Cell Division and DNA Replication 11. Transcription of Genes 12. Processing of RNA (moved to Unit 4) 13. Protein Synthesis 14. Protein Structure and Function 15. Proteomics: Global Analysis of Proteins

Unit 4: Regulating Gene Expression 16. Regulation of Transcription in Prokaryotes 17. Regulation of Transcription in Eukaryotes 12. Processing of RNA (moved from Unit 3) 18. Regulation at the RNA Level New Chapter on Genome defense (RNAi and CRISPR). Would include their use in genetic analysis and genome editing 19. Analysis of Gene Expression (Transcriptome)

Unit 5: Subcellular Life Forms 20. Plasmids 21. Viruses 22. Mobile DNA

Unit 6: Changing the DNA Blueprint 23. Mutations and Repair 24. Recombination 25. Bacterial Genetics 26. Molecular Evolution