Medicinal Agroecology: Reviews, Case Studies and Research Methodologies

Medicinal Agroecology

Reviews, Case Studies and Research Methodologies
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Publisher: CRC Press
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No. of pages:354 pages
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Illustrations: 58 Illustrations, black & white; 10 Illustrations, color; 42 Halftones, black & white; 8 Halftones, color; 16 Line drawings, black & white; 2 Line drawings, color; 38 Tables, black & white
Short description:

Medicinal agroecology brings together the realms of medicinal plants and phytomedicine with the world of agroecology. This book aims to communicate the benefits of using natural solutions to manage the challenges of unsustainable practices in human healthcare, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and forestry.

Long description:

Medicinal Agroecology: Reviews, Case Studies, and Research Methodologies presents information on applications of ?green therapies? in restoration towards global sustainability. These practices connect the world of medicinal plants with ecologic farming practice, creating a compassionate socio-political worldview and heartfelt scientific research towards food sovereignty and a healthier future on planet Earth. 

The book communicates benefits of using plant-based solutions to manage the challenges of unsustainable practices in human healthcare, veterinary medicine, agriculture, forestry, and water management. The contributions introduce advances around plants and their active components to potentially treat disease, regulate dysfunction, and balance ecosystems. These practices are explored in further depth through three sections: POLICIES AND FRAMEWORKS, INSIGHTS AND OVERVIEWS, and CASE STUDIES AND RESEARCH METHODS. 

Edited by Immo Norman Fiebrig, Medicinal Agroecology: Reviews, Case Studies, and Research Methodologies appeals to those in various disciplines including agriculture and agroecology, healthcare, environmental sciences, and veterinary medicine.

Table of Contents:
Part I: Medicinal Agroecology Reviews and Case Studies. Traditional Human Medicine. Traditional Veterinary Medicine. Traditional Plant Medicine. Traditional Soil Medicine. Part II: Relevant Methodologies and Frameworks. Reviews and Case Studies. Analytical Methodologies. Preparative Methodologies. Legal Frameworks. Policy Frameworks.