Mauzy's Depression Glass

A Photographic Reference with Prices
Publisher: Schiffer
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Product details:

No. of pages:240 pages
Size:279x215 mm
Weight:2268 g
Illustrations: 750 color photos
Long description:
The definitive photographic Depression glass reference for collectors and dealers alike is now in its second edition! More than 1,000 professionally executed color pictures-over 250 of them new to this edition-exhibit thousands of examples of 140 patterns of collectible glassware. Included in this beautiful presentation are newly updated prices, exacting measurements, helpful historical information, and more than thirty items never before documented. Groupings of glass are carefully displayed with precise captions clearly explaining all items pictured. Tumblers are arranged by size aiding clarity and understanding. Even reproductions are pictured and articulately explained to heighten awareness and eliminate confusion. Barbara and Jim Mauzy enlisted the efforts of dozens of fellow collectors and dealers to create the most useful, accurate, and insightful presentation on Depression glass, Fire-King, and more recent patterns through the 1950s that has ever been published. Included is an extensive index of names and nicknames, and even a measure to assist in identification.