Marq Sutherland: Pilgrim: Pilgrim

Marq Sutherland: Pilgrim

Publisher: Steidl
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Number of Volumes: In Schuber
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No. of pages:240 pages
Size:210x130 mm
Long description:
Pilgrim is a visual journey into one womans life through the eyes of her parents, husband and son. In her last years, Marq Sutherland returned home to help his mother through this time during which they spoke about a recurring subjecther past. Years before, Pilgrim had given him his maternal grandfathers and fathers photographic negatives. Sifting through thousands of images unseen for decades, Sutherland found many photographs which depicted his mothers life from the moment of birth, and saw how he might complete her story with love and dignityhow they both might hold onto life as they learned to let go.

For me, this book has become both a way to honor the life of my mother, Pilgrim Sutherland, and to connect and collaborate with my grandparents, Poul de Hoffmann and Elsie Boote de Hoffmann, and my father Frank Sutherland through the images they left behind. Marq Sutherland