Marián Hossa

My Journey from Trencín to the Hall of Fame
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No. of pages:256 pages
Size:228x6x152 mm
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A Stanley Cup champion and modern legend of the game, in his own words. From Slovakia to Ottowa to Chicago, Marián Hossa is regarded as nothing short of a hockey legend, with a Hall of Fame career built on dedication, humility, elegance, and elite two-way play. For the first time in this new autobiography, the revered forward opens up about his life both on and off the ice. Hossa, with veteran Blackhawks writer Scott Powers, takes fans on a memorable tour which includes his early life in Czechoslovakia, following in the hockey footsteps of his talented father and older brother, his 19 stellar NHL seasons with the Senators, Thrashers, Penguins, Red Wings, and Blackhawks, and of course the three Stanley Cups he hoisted. It also provides insight on more personal matters and unique challenges Hossa faced, including his ambitious plans to give back to his hometown of Tren&&&269;ín, and the struggle with a progressive skin disorder that ultimately ended his career. Also featuring photos from Hossa's personal collection, this is an essential read for all hockey fans.