Marble Mania?

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No. of pages:192 pages
Size:279x215 mm
Weight:1520 g
Illustrations: 1,318 color photos
Long description:
The hobby of marble collecting is still in its infancy, with plenty of room for growth in all areas and for new collectors. Marble Maniar is the definitive photographic guide to collecting. This book incorporates over 1,300 color photographs, as well as an in-depth text covering the main areas of interests and information on marble manufacturers. Here are marbles made of stone, minerals, and materials other than glass; early handmade, machine-made, and contemporary handmade glass marbles; games, toys, and other uses for marbles. A glossary of terms; bibliography; lists of clubs, societies, marbles shows; and a list of museums with marble collections are included as well as a list of winners of the U. S. National Marble Tournaments since their inception. A value guide is included for each marble shown.