Making Stained Glass Mosaics

Making Stained Glass Mosaics

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No. of pages:112 pages
Size:272x217x6 mm
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This book introduces the beginner to working with colored glass without the need for soldering tools and a dedicated studio. With just a cutter, grout, and glue, you can make gorgeous stained glass pieces, from small pieces such as votive candle holders and flowerpots to windows, tables, and more.

Long description:

Stained glass made easy!

It doesn't take solder or a dedicated studio to start making gorgeous glass works. You can create items such as small votive holders and vases on up to windows, tables, and more, with just a few easy-to-find tools and materials. From tiny opaque tiles to larger pieces of transparent glass, there is so much beauty to be found in all sorts of glass pieces. Even broken glass items can be repurposed once you know how. You'll soon be finding ways to incorporate glass into tray designs, jewelry, garden mosaics, and other decorative and useful items.

Robin M. N. Jones teaches glass work as part of her art therapy practice with teenagers and adults, and breaks the processes down step by step to teach you how to choose your glass, snip it into useful shapes, place your pieces into a pleasing design, and finish it with common glues and grouts. She shares what she's learned in her own art to save you from making similar mistakes. And she has found the benefits for herself and others in the meditative focus of creating with glass pieces. Sorting, cutting, and placing glass is both a mental and tactile experience that calms and focuses the mind. Try out the many types of projects in this book to learn the basics, and then you'll be ready to use glass in as many interesting designs as you can imagine!