Liberty Thorpeness Paint By Number Kit

Publisher: Galison
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Size:362x286x57 mm
Long description:
Liberty London is known for its floral and graphic prints and the offering of innovative and eclectic designs and accessories. The Liberty Thorpeness Paint by Number Kit from Galison features one of Liberty's famous patterns for a fun and mindful activity. This kit from Galison features 1 canvas board, 12 acrylic paints, 1 wooden easel, three paint brushes and a color guide / instruction sheet.

? Box: 11.25 x 14.25 x 2.25", 285.75 x 361.95 x 57.15 mm
? One 11 x 14", 279.4 x 355.6 mm Canvas Board
? 12 Acrylic Paints
? Color Guide / Instruction Sheet
? One Wooden Easel
? Three Paint Brushes