LEGO Heroes: LEGO? Builders Changing Our World?One Brick at a Time

LEGO Heroes

LEGO? Builders Changing Our World?One Brick at a Time
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No. of pages:112 pages
Size:203x152 mm
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LEGO(R) Heroes is a collection of twelve remarkable stories about everyday heroes using the LEGO(R) system in unique ways to solve some of life's greatest challenges.

Meet twelve visionary builders from around the globe who have turned LEGO(R) play into life-altering innovations through immense curiosity, creativity, passion, and a handful of LEGO bricks. From a wheelchair for an injured turtle to customized prosthetic arms to lab research for coral reef preservation, each chapter showcases individuals of all ages and backgrounds who have applied the LEGO System in Play to solve some of life's greatest challenges in the fields of technology, sustainability, education, and more. With inspiring messages of imagination and problem-solving through play, readers will be moved by this heartwarming celebration of people who are changing the world . . . one brick at a time.

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