Just for Openers

A Price Guide to Beer, Soda & Other Openers
Publisher: Schiffer
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No. of pages:160 pages
Size:279x215 mm
Weight:880 g
Illustrations: 382 color photos
Long description:
We are now pleased to present you with the ultimate guidebook to bottle openers. This volume features advertising openers and corkscrews exclusively produced for brewing companies, malt companies, and soda companies within the United States. Also included are openers and corkscrews of unusual types, those advertising major brands of soda such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Nehi, pocket knives, wall mounts, unusual large openers, and much more. Grouped categorically as well as alphabetically, this guide affords collectors and dealers with over 850 remarkable examples of collectible advertising openers and corkscrews, along with descriptions of their history and current market values. An index and chronological listing of American patents in the back also make this book an invaluable reference. May this publication "open" the minds of new and experienced collectors to the expanse of this unique and fascinating hobby.