Introduction to Quantitative Ecology: Mathematical and Statistical Modelling for Beginners

Introduction to Quantitative Ecology

Mathematical and Statistical Modelling for Beginners
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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No. of pages:320 pages
Size:245x170x19 mm
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Illustrations: 87 colour line figures/illustrations and 32 tables
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Table of Contents:
About This Book
Part I: Fundamentals of Dynamic Models
Why Do We Model?
Introduction to Population Models
Structured Population Models
Competition and Predation Models
Stochastic Population Models
Part II: Fitting Models to Data
Why Fit Models to Data?
Random Variables and Probability
Likelihood and Its Applications
Model Selection
Bayesian Statistics
Part III: Skills
Mathematics Refresher
Modeling in Spreadsheets
Modeling in R
Skills for Dynamic Models
Sensitivity Analysis
Skills for Fitting Models to Data
Part IV: Putting It All Together and Next Steps
Putting It Together : Fitting a Dynamic Model
Next Steps